Granting Agency Abroad

For granting agency to foreign countries we have anticipated minimum amount of purchase; it is to be noted that it is possible to purchase even less than anticipated amount; however, in case of purchase less than anticipated amount we will not grant our agency. The sample products may be sent to you for directly considering and controlling the quality of our products.

In order to receive terms and conditions of our agency, it is kindly requested to call with following numbers during administrative hour: +98 21 55548333   +۹۸ ۹۱۲۳۳۰۸۸۱۰

Mobile No (Ability of Speaking English): +98 9123308810 Mr. Lashgari is available to chat and talk through WhatsApp and Skype

Development Strategies

We are preferred to have close business relationship with our neighbor countries, far east countries and near east countries (European Union); thus, it is kindly requested that only qualified companies and persons may contact us.

Terms and Conditions of Receiving Agency

The terms and conditions and form of contract may be send to you through fax, email or Telegram, WhatsApp. In compliance with amount of purchasing goods, we will grant our agency to interested companies or stores and the minimum amount of purchase in order to receive our agency may be announced monthly.

Receiving Agency in Iran

The company interested in receiving our agency shall be famous and guarantee cheque is received according to contract. Our agency is granted to only cities without agency and it is to be noted that Bravo Plus Factory shall have free will to either accept or reject agency from any third parties.