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Producing and distributing different baby toys, layette, newborn clothes, baby swing, baby tricycle and horizontal bar

Maximum tolerates 30kg weight and is designed in different designs by having 7 parts and is useful for children aged 6 months to 6 years. The entire parts are applicable i.e. the back pillow and front doll shall be fixed on swing and generally this swing is designed for newborns aged 6 months and children aged 10 years. One of the advantages of this swing is having additional cardboard spiral mensch and the length of ropes of this swing is 330cm by having specific brace that prevents from separation of ropes

This baby swing is among highest quality baby swings produced in Iran that is made of 100% plastic materials and new type of polymer by having eye-catching color that attracts the attention of each child. Bravo Plus baby swing has protection at front side and back side and also has 2 broom shape protection at both sides for preventing direct contact of baby’s hands with rope. This baby swing is designed for both boys and girls and the front and back protections are fastened through nut. The floor of this baby swing is embossed that is so-called leather mode that facilitates the transition of air between body of baby and floor of baby swing.