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baby swing

baby swing

Baby swing has seat rest that is hanged with rope or chain from tree or horizontal bar and begins moving forward and backward through pushing


Swing for Playing

 Generally swing is applicable for playing by children and adults and swing is attractive tool for children and even in past this swing was applicable by adults for being used in circus; nowadays, through technological advancement and reasonable price of swing, children are interested in playing with swing in homes, parks and kindergartens

Nowadays through technological advancement and mass production, any families may easily buy swing that has small size for being used in homes and large size for being used in parks. This swing is produced by leg and hanger mode and even adults are interested in using swing. It is to be noted that playing with swing is also attractive for adults and this swing is made of plastic, metal and cloth and the plastic type is more reasonable price

Nowadays in Mild Productive Store we produce plastic baby swing that is suitable for children aged 6 months to 7 years and this swing has acceptable safety by having protection part at front and back side for each age for preventing from falling down the baby while playing. The floor cover of this swing has anti-sweating property and made of leather so that the air is easily transit between floor and buttocks of baby. The rope that swing is hanging from them are made of 2 years and may not easily worn out.